Deux Caribous

Enjoy exquisite meals prepared
by professional chefs,
in the comfort of your home.

A professional chef at home catering service.
We craft a tailored menu, built with you, that we execute in the location of your choice

We also offer the “take-out” meal service which is simply your menu prepared, cooked and packaged.
Perfect for eating outside, camping and fishing trips.

DC is made of Alexandre Dufresne Latendresse and Vincent Le Dorze Cloutier.

They met during their classes at culinary school Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec. Their friendship began there through different projects they realised together. They both now live in Sherbrooke city: Alex being born there and Vincent moved from Montreal.

They decided to join efforts, passion and culinary know-how to create Deux Caribous à la maison. Filled with determination, these two chefs base themselves on three concepts to offer the best service:

and custom-fit.
Bon appétit!